Royal Enfield Rolls Out Touring Accessories For The 650 Twins!

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Royal Enfield recently launched the 2021 iterations of the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650. Although the company did roll out new colour schemes for the 650 twins, the whole ‘update’ felt a little incomplete because it was limited to that only. While we did expect RE to update the 650 twins significantly, it couldn’t happen but RE has updated its new optional accessories list for the 650 twins. As visible on the website, customers can opt for optional windscreen, luggage solutions, seats and more!

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For those who have ever gone the distance on a set of two-wheels, know that how cumbersome it becomes if you don’t have the right luggage solutions.

Royal Enfield 650 twins accessories

To make life easier, panniers come into play and we are happy to report that RE has now included panniers in the list of accessories for the 650 twins as well. The official website claims that the soft panniers set can be bought for around INR 6000, while one can opt for just the right side pannier as well, which will set you back by INR 4000. The panniers come with a warranty of 2 years and according to the company, can be installed in just 10 mins. They come with quick release straps, a capacity of 8.5 litres per pannier and a maximum load of 3kg. You’ll need mounting rails which are available separately.

Royal Enfield 650 twins accessories (1)

The mounting rails are available for INR 1600. Designed with ease of use in mind, the low-profile design of this pair of mounting rails ensures that even when the panniers aren’t in use, the rails don’t become a hindrance. They are made from 16mm stainless steel for excellent durability and style and can take a load of up to 3kg each side.

Royal Enfield 650 twins accessories (2)

To take care of sore butts during the long jaunts on the highway, RE is also offering touring seats for the 650 twins. The dual set is of INR 4000 and benefits from the use of 3D net technology to evenly distribute weight for increased comfort over long distances. The quilted cover and subtle Royal Enfield branding lend a touch of style. Who says practicality can’t be stylish?

There are some more accessories available for the 650 twins which are neatly stacked on the website. Go have a look

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