Royal Enfield 650cc Cruiser Spied Again

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It is no secret that Royal Enfield is developing a host of new motorcycles and will deliver an onslaught on its rivals in the coming few weeks. As RE is gearing up for an all-out attack, spy pictures are flowing in, revealing more and more information about the upcoming motorcycles. If there is one manufacturer which seems to be getting everything right, it has to be Royal Enfield.

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It is pretty evident that Royal Enfield currently has its hands full of upcoming projects and a retro-styled cruiser based on the 650cc platform seems to be of utmost priority.

Royal Enfield 650cc cruiser spied (1)

It has been spied in a near-production format recently by Abhinav Bhatt / Rishi Raj Saini. The 650cc cruiser looks similar to the KX Concept which debuted at EICMA in Milan, Italy, last year. While the KX concept originally had an 834 cc engine, seems like Royal Enfield is wasting no time in developing a new engine and will probably slap the existing 650cc twin-cylinder in the upcoming cruiser. Sporting twin pipes, the all-new motorcycle drops hints that it will be powered by the brand’s 650cc twin-cylinder engine. The image also reveals that the new bike has a long wheelbase, sits low, makes the rider stretch his feet, and a wide handlebar asks the arms to open for that typical cruiser-style riding position.

The all-new motorcycle seems to be underpinned by an all-new chassis and follows a flowing design language, starting from the large, teardrop-shaped fuel tank to a curvy fender which wraps the rear wheel. Between the fuel tank and the rear seat, the rider’s saddle drops low, which should make it easier for folks who are not so tall to be in command of this machine.

Royal Enfield 650cc cruiser spied (2)

The spy shots which were captured earlier also revealed a minimalist tail lamp setup. The motorcycle sports alloy wheels, twin springs at the back which appear to be all-new units, and get this – an upside-down front fork! A single disc at each end will handle braking. Instrumentation should be through what looks like an all-new unit, maybe semi-digital or all-digital and should display a lot of information, including navigation.

In terms of power, expect the 650cc motor to crank out as much power as it does for the Interceptor and paired with that butter-smooth engine, we’re sure RE will attract a lot of those looking to purchase an internationally-styled, great-sounding and well-priced cruiser.

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