Revolt RV400 To Offer One More Futuristic Feature – Voice Commands

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Revolt Intellicorp’s first product for the Indian market, the RV400 is a game changer. Not only is it the first proper electric bike to be offered in the Indian market, but also comes loaded with features. Led by Micromax Co-Founder, Rahul Sharma, Revolt has already put the RV400 through the required tests and has received approval from the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). At the unveiling event, Mr Shamra walked us through the features the bike will be offered with, however, at the end of the event, left one of them for us to guess. Skip to 1:01:15 to see what we are going on about.

The AV, called Start Teaser, following Mr Sharma’s question, showcases a rider, who wears her helmet and says Revolt Start while moving towards what we assume is the motorcycle. This could very well mean that this electric motorcycle will also offer a voice command feature, which works with a Bluetooth connected helmet. Considering the fact that your mobile can already switch this motorcycle on, using your voice to do the same would not be a difficult feature to provide on this AI enabled motorcycle. We will have to wait until the launch of the motorcycle to find out more about this mysterious feature.

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Made for the future, the Revolt RV400 comes with a number of features that sets it apart from regular EVs. The company tackles the biggest challenge of having an EV in 4 different ways. Apart from your regular onboard charging, customers can also remove the battery to charge it up at a place of their convenience, get a new, charged battery at a mobile swap station, and even order a battery pack to any location, just like how you would order food. The bike will also come with a geofencing feature, limiting the bike from going beyond a particular distance if you wish to do so. Another feature offered is the ability to choose from various exhaust notes to suit your own taste, from a bike that actually makes no sound of its own. With a winning formula already in their hand, we look forward to telling you more about this bike, including prices, when its launched on the 22nd of July, stay tuned.

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