Revealed: Toroidion 1MW Electric Concept, a 1341 hp street-legal Finnish supercar

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Toroidion 1MW Concept (1)

Supercars are amazing, albeit they come with massive fossil-fuel burning engines and offer up many many horsepower. Electric vehicles (EV) on the other hand, come with non-polluting battery-powered electric motors which keep the greenpeace happy, but doesn’t invoke much Joie de vivre among petrolheads. However, a Finnish company that goes by the name Toroidion has revealed an electric vehicle like no other – this one churns 1314 horsepower!

Toroidion 1MW Concept (2)

Of course it has the ubiquitous supercar scissor-doors. The rear is unfussy and has LED lights.

The Toroidion 1MW Electric Concept has four independent electric motors, one inside each wheel. The front wheels are powered by a pair of 200kW (268 hp) electric motors which are placed inside the axle. The rear wheels get their oomph(!) from two 300kW (402 hp) motors. Add all of the four together and what you get is a grand total of 1000kW or 1 MW of power. That’s the equivalent of 1341 horsepower and even we don’t know how that number came up, because adding up the total output of all the 4 motors should equate to 1340 hp, probably god lent one extra horsepower to this supercar, due to its greenness.

Toroidion 1MW Concept (3)

The interior seems rudimentary, yet has loads of buttons to play with.

Pasi Pennanen is the founder of the company and according to him, this car’s electric powertrain is very versatile and can offer varying amounts of power, depending on its application. Even the powerful batteries of this car are changeable in a garage or pit-lane. Why pit-lane? That’s because this electric supercar was built by the Finns with the motive to compete in the 24-hour Le Mans race. This naturally means that the Toroidion 1MW Electric Concept will boast of some outstanding performance credentials, though the company is still to make the numbers public. The all-important performance figures will be released once thorough testing has been conducted.

 Toroidion 1MW Concept (4)

This Finn looks absolutely svelte, though the wiper placement reminds us of some Koeinigseggs.

“There is no such thing as “it cannot be done”. I believe in pushing the boundaries in product development and design,” says Pennanen. With the ever increasing popularity of EVs, it is only a matter of time before we see more such radical creations with tonnes of power, but no nasty emissions to harm the ozone layer. What do you think about this blue electric beauty. Would you prefer this to any run-of-the-mill internal combustion supercar? Let us know in the comments section, below.

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