Revealed: Airtel Indian Grand Prix 2013 trophy

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Only a few moments ago, we showed you the uniforms of the grid girls for the Airtel Indian GP 2013. Now we have with us a detailed design sketch of the Trophy for the event. Bengaluru-based designer Michael Foley has crafted the trophy for the forthcoming Airtel Indian Grand Prix 2013.
The design of the trophy for 2013 Airtel Indian Grand Prix is an aesthetic interpretation of a contemporary and forward looking India on a global pedestal. To be bagged by the winner of the 2013 edition of Airtel Indian Grand Prix, Foley’s trophy is all set to be an aesthetic interpretation of a contemporary trophy with a touch of Indian tradition.

The cup is created with 24 metal slivers that are assembled around an axis, inspired by the 24 spokes of the ‘chakra’. The material used to aptly depict this fusion is aircraft grade light-weight aluminium. The colours green, white and saffron are imbedded in the gaps between the slivers depicting a subtle expression of the Indian flag. The final avatars of the cup use a resilient ion-plating and anodising of aluminium to create a unique blend of metallic black, red and silver.


The brain behind The 2013 Airtel Indian Grand Prix trophy, ace trophy designer Michael Foley has various grand projects to his credit including the laudable commonwealth’s queen’s baton. An alumnus of NID, Michael has every bit of “Indianess” in him which he further translates in his designs. He set up his own design studio ‘Foley Designs’ in Bangalore, a couple of years ago.


According to the design firm “Final trophy is an interesting combination of sports, technology, glamour, entertainment and youth – and we wanted the trophy for Airtel Indian Grand Prix to reflect each of these elements. After a lot of design work, we finally arrived at a trophy that is a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional India. The conceptualization stage lasted over a month and the final trophy in production now.”


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