Report: Demand For Electric Scooters Sees A Meteoric Rise Of 220% In One Year

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The world is headed towards electrification. Almost every automobile manufacturer aims to add an electric line up to its existing portfolio. In recent times we have seen that all newbies of the automobile industry are solely focused on electric vehicles. We see companies partnering with one another to develop new technologies, trying to improve upon EVs. Not just this, we also see our government pushing the same agenda of cleaner and greener transportation. It is all happening so fast that we don’t even realize; we are in the initial stages of a revolution. Sure, it might not seem like a big deal today, but soon there will be a drift in the industry and nearly everything will change.


Just Dial’s report

Unlike popular opinion, the demand for electric mobility is increasing exponentially. If we were to talk numbers; according to Just Dial Consumer Insights, the demand for E-scooters alone has seen a year-on-year growth rate of 220.7 percent in tier 1 cities. Thinking that Ola Electric got bookings for some odd ninety thousand scooters in its very first window, ensures that these numbers do add up.

Demand for EVs Chart

Electric cars and electric motorcycles are also not far behind, with each having a YoY growth of 132.4 and 115.3 percent respectively. We saw almost all car manufacturers either reeling out EVs or their plans to bring e-cars to our market as early as possible.

Just Dial EV Demand Report

Official statement

Mr. Prasun Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer at Just Dial said, “It is extremely encouraging to see the recent surge in electric vehicles, which can be taken as a build-up to tackle the concerning pollution levels in the capital and the nation at large, as well as the impending threat of climate change. With the lessons taken from COP26, it is evident that the world would need a strong and sustainable infrastructure to breathe cleaner air,”

Future of Automobiles

EV charging infrastructure has been one major concern of the electric industry, but seeing well-planned charging units and proper networks being set up in tier 1 cities of our country, it is safe to say that infrastructure shall not be a problem in the years to come. Tata has already set up 10,000 EV charging stations, while other brands like Hero Electric aim to set up one lakh charging stations in the coming three years.

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