Renault Pulse/Scala diesel variants now offered at prices of petrol variants

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Times are rough for Renault India, whose sole volume generation source lies on the shoulders of the now tired Duster. In a bid to boost domestic sales of the slow selling Pulse and the Scala, Renault India has launched a  limited period year-end stock clearance offer where they’ll sell diesel variants of the the Pulse and Scala for the price of their respective petrol counterparts.

Renault India is having trouble shifting units of the Scala, which managed a paltry monthly sales average of 113 units during May-October 2014, and the Pulse, which managed an equally miserable average monthly sales of 129 units during the same period.

After the cut, the Scala RxL diesel variant is now priced at INR 8.01 lakhs (ex-showroom), and will also be available with added benefits of 2 years of extended warranty and 4 years of free roadside assistance. The Pulse RxL diesel now starts INR 5.19 (ex-showroom Delhi) in addition to extended warranty and free roadside assistance similar to the Scala.

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  • Soorya says:

    seriously?? Renault has to growup, learn from its competitor – Hyundai. Not ly renault, the GM facing death blow in indian market if not for the Cruze. Its been reviving them time and again. Still cant compete.
    Renault has better cars and models in its international business yet stuck with scala and pulse.