Renault Fluence India: pictures, specs, price, features, images and everything else!

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Images and event coverage: Dhairya Gupta, Motoroids Motorep – Delhi (Discuss this topic in Motoroids Talks here)

We won’t waste your time by blabbering here. The pictures immediately below this post contain specifications and every feature on the Renault Fluence  diesel / Petrol version. Click on the page that follows after the first click to magnify the image and view the images in full size. You can also select the specs and features images from the gallery below to have the magnified view.More images from the launch party can also be found in the galley

Fluence Specs engine and dimensions

Fluence Specifications safety and interior

Fluence Specifications comfort and convenience


Fluence Diesel and petrol price

New Delhi1,440,0001,299,000

The Renault COMPLETE CARE service package


  • COTECH technicians (with 43 days training in Renault facilities in France) at each dealership
  • 4 years / 80,000 km warranty
  • Labour-free servicing at 2000, 10,000 and 20,000 km
  • 24/7 Roadside Service support
  • Call Centre assistance … 1800 300 44444
  • Competitively priced Parts & Service
  • Valet Service
  • Concierge assistance
  • Air / Road medical evacuation coordination


Further market strategy:


  • Renault had, in 2010, announced its decision to make an independent foray into the Indian
  • market. While the FLUENCE (luxury sedan) and the KOLEOS (4×4 SUV) would be launched in 2011, there will be 3 more cars launched in 2012 … and will include a small Hatchback.
  • The sales & after-market service of its cars will be handled by exclusive Renault branded
  • dealerships, with the initial 14 dealerships being operational in Tier-I cities.
  • Renault already has a reasonable  presence in India, with investments of about Rs. 5000 crores in setting up an Alliance greenfield facility for manufacturing 400,000 cars per year, a global Technology and Procurement centre, in Chennai, a full-fledged Renault DeSign Studio in Mumbai and a global Logistics Centre in Pune.


Mr. Marc NASSIF, Managing Director of Renault India


“It is a very proud moment for us at Renault India to launch not only the Renault FLUENCE, our first built-in-India car, but also to introduce the Renault brand to our Indian customers. For Renault, India is one of the three key countries in Renault’s international development strategy. The Renault Fluence was designed for the Asian markets, hence we are confident that it will not only shake up the segment, but also give the Indian customer their first taste of what Renault is capable of bringing to the Indian market

Mr. Sudhir RAO, Dy. MD of Renault India,

Today, we have reached the first big milestone in our India story. It was a promise we made a year ago, not only to the Indian customer, but to ourselves, that we would work hard to ensure we meet the seemingly difficult timelines we had set for our independent entry into the Indian market. We have set aggressive targets for ourselves and are well on track to meet them. Against our plan to start with 8 Dealer outlets, we are now in a position where we will have 14 dealers fully operational and ready to sell the cars from today, ramping up to 40 dealers by the end of this year … and the full range of 5 cars and 100 dealerships by December 2012. We understand that the Indian customer is extremely value conscious, hence not only will our products be in tune with customer expectations, but our commitment will be visible through every aspect of a customer’s interface with us … globally benchmarked Product Quality, Service quality, Network quality and our After Sales Service commitment.”

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