The Renault Duster Extreme Concept is the coolest iteration of the brand yet

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If you own a Renault Duster, then this is how its should have looked right now. Pity its just a concept, as the Renault Duster Extreme looks like it could teach the standard Duster a thing or two about making an appearance. The Extreme packs in subtle changes that collectively go a long away in bolstering the standard Duster’s potential to look truly rugged. Unveiled at the 2016 Sao Paulo Auto Show in Brazil, the Duster Extreme Concept is developed by RDAL (Renault Design Latin America), the brand’s Sao Paulo based design center.

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The Duster Extreme gets a new front bumper that’s styled keeping the outdoors in mind; that explains the winch, skid plates and tow hooks. At the rear, the bumper also follows the front bumper’s rugged theme, and gets a tow hook and a skid plate. The Duster’s stance is accentuated by the bigger, off-road tires wrapped around off-road wheels and a raised suspension. Other outdoorsy embellishments include a functional snorkel, fender flares, a luggage rack on the roof and LED light bars.


A matte grey paint-job contrasts nicely with the blacked out sections, while red accents on the luggage rack, wheel hubs, tow hooks, headlamps and the winch liven things up. The interior is finished in black, while being highlighted with red accents on the seats, dashboard, AC vents and instrument cluster. An ‘Extreme’ badge stares back at the front passenger, while the steering wheel hosts a discreet 4WD badge. Since this is merely a show car, you can imagine it with any drive-train you want.



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