EICMA 2016 : Husqvarna VITPILEN 401 AERO is Arguably the Most Stunning Bike of the Show


The VITPILEN 401 AERO concept draws its inspiration from Husqvarna’s glorious past. It’s Husqvarna’s imagination of what a faired, compact, single-cylinder ‘Real Street’ concept motorcycle should look like. An aerodynamic fairing focused unrelentingly on cheating the wind and facilitating engine cooling, the AERO looks sportier, and fuller as compared to the other two production bikes.


With the fairing in place, the AERO wants to the rider to tuck in the helmet, become one with the bike and cheat the wind together. It’s not as easy and accessible in terms of the riding position. Arguably the most stunning model on display at the 2016 EICMA, the VITPILEN AERO is definitely worth more than just a look.

Check out an image gallery of the  motorcycle below



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