Ravi Agrawal, Ranchi-Based Rickshaw Driver Ferries Covid Patients To Hospitals For Free

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The world is in a rather gloomy state from the past one year and disturbing stories have become a regular affair. Spending a few minutes on social media could result in a depressed state of mind but every now and then, someone comes along to prove that humanity is still alive and heroic acts are still a thing. The case in consideration today is of Ravi Agrawal. This 21-year auto-rickshaw driver is taking covid patients to hospitals for free.

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To facilitate his noble deed, he has even put his number on social media asking people to call in case of any medical emergency.

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Ravi said while waiting for passengers on April 15, he saw an old woman begging the taxi and auto drivers for taking her to Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), but everyone turned down her request suspecting her to be a Covid patient.

“Looking at her problems, I offered to take her to RIMS and dropped her there. She offered me Rs 200 for the service but I refused to take it due to some unknown reasons. While returning home, I realised the problems being faced by those who are infected by the deadly virus,” said Ravi. It gave him immense satisfaction for the first time that he did something good for someone, he added.

“After that incident, I decided to provide free service for corona patients and posted my phone number on social media asking people to call me in case they required any help from me,” said Ravi.

“Since then, I have been receiving several calls and ferrying corona passengers to hospitals. It gives me immense satisfaction that at least I am doing something good for society,” said Ravi. So far, he has served more than 20 patients, he added.

People who have got free services from Ravi said they are thankful to him as he has come forward like a ray of hope at a time when there is darkness everywhere.

“That man is like a god to us as he took me to the hospital when the ambulance operators were not ready for it. Those, who were ready, were charging as their will. When I called up this man, he reached my place within 30 minutes and saved my life,” said Hawaldar Singh, a resident of Kokar in Ranchi.

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