Range Rover Evoque convertible gets a thumbs-up! 2014 launch

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It has been a widely known fact that the Tata Group owned British SUV maker Jaguar Land Rover has been mulling over coming up with a convertible variant of the Range Rover Evoque. Those with a keen eye on the auto industry would remember that the Evoque concept grabbed a lot of eyeballs at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and hence, made it clear that the Evoque Convertible could very well be a production reality.

It has now emerged that Jaguar Land Rover has decided to go ahead with the production of the Evoque Convertible and the car could go on sale sometime next year.

It is being said that the Range Rover Convertible would borrow the engine options from the Evoque crossover and the car could look almost exactly like the Evoque Convertible concept that was showcased at Geneva.

It would be interesting to see how rivalling car maker would react to the launch of the Evoque Convertible. We won’t be too surprised to see the emergence of a new segment altogether, that of the ‘Coupe-Crossover Convertibles’!


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