Proposed Hyperloop project promises Mumbai to Pune run in 25 minutes flat!

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Back in the month of May, U.S. based HyperloopOne Transportation Technologies (HTT) made its first test run at a custom built track in Nevada. The Elon Musk-backed company has plans to introduce the technology in a few prominent cities across the world. Recently, Bibop Gresta, Co-founder of HTT was in India when he announced that the company was ready to build a Hyperloop in India.


It is said that the company will build a Hyperloop connecting Mumbai and Pune although the ultimate decision lies in the hands of Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari.  The minister has been given a proposal regarding the same and if approved, the company will begin with a feasibility report to lay the lines between the two cities that will reportedly take six to eight months. Once all the approvals are in place, the company could setup the project in about 38 months. Once complete, the Hyperloop between Mumbai and Pune could reduce travel time to just 25 minutes.

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The Hyperloop will be built across a few regions such as Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, France, Spain, Chile, Mexico, Canada, Florida and California. The company claims that the Hyperloop can attain speed of over 1,080 kmph even as reports suggest that the top speed stands at 1300 kmph. Also, did you know that building a track for the Hyperloop will cost USD 40 million per km?

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