Porsche to build a Ferrari beater supercar

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The Porsche 918

Alright, the 911 may be as close to being called a supercar as one could ever get, but it still isn’t quite considered one by many. The recently introduced 918 on the other hand, is the other extreme, being way to expensive.
Reuters is reporting that the German brand has realised the need to create an exotic, high performance car to match the Ferrari in terms of price and performance. A trigger to the realization comes from the fact that Ferrari as a brand remains almost unchallenged in the segment it resides in. The fact opens up a great opportunity for a brand like Porsche, which has the requisite brand name and know how to produce a car that could take the fight to the Italian marquee.

Company’s CEO Matthias Mueller believes that the brand can do with a more exotic car. “It always irritated me that the most expensive 911 tops out at 250,000 and then the 918 continues starting at 750,000 euros. In between, Ferrari cavorts around relatively comfortably and without any competition. That is where we need to be. There is still space for a larger sports car, one like the 959 that we built in the 1980s” said Mueller in an interview to a German newspaper. Mueller suggested that the company has a model which costs between 250,000 euros to 400,000 euros.

That’s what the brand Porsche stood for, for us, always we guess. Go ahead Mr Mueller, we would love to see a new Porsche fighting a Ferrari on a racetrack.

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