Karun Chandok receives prestigious invitation! It’s true!!


Karun Chandhok has realized another important dream of his, other than being an F1 driver. Our homegrown formula car racer has been invited to take part in the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed (locally referred to as FoS). Karun’s invitation also includes the option of driving the 1982 Williams-Cosworth FW08 Formula One car at the track on the Goodwood Estate! Keke Rosberg had won the 1982 Formula One Championship driving the same car.

This is one invitation that no automotive enthusiast would like to miss even in their worst nightmare! Karun doesn’t seem to disagree at all.  At a press conference, he said that everyone is inspired by history and to get a chance to be part of along with driving a machine which created history in F1 is a dream come true. Karun also revealed that when he was offered this drive by Jonathan Williams (son of Williams F1 owner Frank), he just told him “Show me the car”.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed takes place at the Goodwood Estate which is located at West Sussex in London. It three day festival is scheduled to take place from the 2nd of July till 4th. At this year’s event, around 20 motorsport world champions along with 80 of the current racers will be in attendance along with their machines. Karun’s current F1 mates including Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Mark Webber and Bruno Senna will also be attending the event.

Image Source: f1fanatic


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