Porsche India Announces New Inspirational Series Called ‘Soul Stories’

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Porsche India has come up with something completely unique to get its consumers inspired. The German sports car manufacturer has announced the launch of its new inspirational video series titled “Soul Stories”. The clips feature three Porsche owners from different backgrounds, as they describe their passion in life.

The extraordinary journey of the individuals is captured through individual video episodes, each discussing personal beliefs, values and the chosen path in life. The videos contain themes about Inspiration, Balance and Time in three separate videos. 

Porsche 911 Turbo S

Commenting on the content production, Ashish Kaul, Head of Sales at Porsche India, said: “We have launched ‘Soul Stories’ to tell the story of our customers, each as unique as his or her car. The content production depicts individuals who strive to break conventional barriers and follow their hearts. We bring these stories to life to inspire and strengthen beliefs and ignite passion – something that resonates with the Porsche brand at the most fundamental level.”


The first video features Ishaan Suri, a dynamic and an unconventional photographer, on his quest to seek new inspirations. His constant partner in this journey is a Porsche 911 Carrera 4, a car he frequently uses to explore new stories and experiences.


The series also includes Kerala-based Porsche owner Parvathy Pillai, a healthcare entrepreneur, who talks about her strongest values in the life of maintaining balance. A drive in her Porsche 718 Cayman helps her reflect on the elements that she focuses on to find stability in her life.


The third episode presents Rajendra Kumar Jain, as he tells the story of his father teaching him the value of time, which further led him to discover his passion for timeless objects and antiques. Rajendra can be seen in his Porsche 356 SC from 1965 on the streets of Mumbai.

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