Pete’s introduces Stage 2 and Stage 3 kits for Volkswagen group’s 1.8 TSi engine

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Pete’s has to be the first name that comes to our mind the moment we start talking about performance tuning boxes. Pete’s is a popular brand among performance junkies who wish to extract the maximum out of their car’s powerplant without really having to change the mechanical bits. Now, the good folks at Pete’s have presented Stage 2 and Stage 3 Packages in India. These come with technical assistance from JBS Autodesigns and Custom Code UK. These Stage 2 and Stage 3 packages elevate the power output of cars sporting the 1.8 litre TSI engine. India has many cars that use this engine and these include Skoda Laura, Skoda Superb, VW Passat and the Audi A4. These tuning boxes can bump up the power from 160 BHP to as much as 320-340 BHP (Stage 2) and a whopping 360-400 BHP (Stage 3). Now, all you might need is a set of new shock absorbers and clutch plates to put down all that power on the road.The Stage 1 Package (200-210 BHP) was launched 4 months ago.

The Stage 2 and 3 packages have been reportedly developed over months of research and development with JBS and Custom Code technicians. Pete’s claim’s that their tuning box is one of the most reliable packages for the 1.8 Litre engine. The following are the 3 stages of packages available and the approximate engine power output:

Stage 1 – 200-210 BHP.
Stage 2 – 320-340 BHP.
Stage 3 – 360-400 BHP.

Pete’s began its Indian operations in the year 2005 and after collaborations with some leading tuning firms, it has become a well known brand in the country. Pete’s has over 35 dealers across the country and look forward to expand even further. So, if you have a Laura vRS in your garage and find it pretty ordinary then you have got a reason to sport a wicked smile on your face.




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