Personalize Your New RE Classic 350 With These Optional Accessories

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The new Royal Enfield Classic 350 will be available with a wide array of Genuine Motorcycle Accessories, designed and developed to complement its versatility as well as to enhance comfort, utility and style. The suite of new accessories for Classic 350 includes a range of 35 bespoke options that have been designed for specific themes that allow the rider to enhance the form and function of the motorcycle as per their preference. Royal Enfield’s motorcycle accessories come with a comprehensive 3-year warranty and are designed, developed and certified alongside the motorcycle.

2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350 (8)

For further individual self-expression, a selection of riding gear, including helmets, t-shirts, and lifestyle accessories have been designed inspired by the Classic 350. Let’s take a detailed look at the key optional accessories that you can opt for your new Classic 350:

Crash guard

Apart from providing a distinct look, crash guards also add a layer of protection. Royal Enfield claims that they are made from a 32mm steel tube which is corrosion-resistant and precisely engineered for a perfect ­t. The lighter and simpler design makes it an ideal choice for easy riding while having a modern look.

2021 RE Classic 350 Accessories (5)

Sump guard

When dealing with tough terrain, which you definitely will with the new Classic 350, this sump guard will protect the underpinnings from any potential harm. It consists of a pressed heavy-duty aluminium alloy plate which is then hard anodized to give a durable ­nish, with centred Royal En­eld branding. Mounting brackets incorporate rubber isolation to dampen vibrations and enable quick removal using standard tools for cleaning.

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Add comfort to your long rides with forged aluminium footpegs that come with a larger footprint. The rubber inserts isolate vibrations with their speci­c bayonet style mounting design and they ­t both rider and pillion positions.

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Royal Enfield is offering two types of optional rearview mirrors as an accessory: touring mirrors and bar-end mirrors.

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There are two types of optional seats that are on offer: black touring seat and brown low rider seat. According to the company, the all-new Touring Rider seat with dual-density foam offers more support and con­dence to the rider. Also, the use of 3D net technology evenly distributes weight while adding to the comfort. On the other hand, the Low Ride seat offers an 11 mm reduction in height and comes with a Royal En­field tag.

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If you are thinking of tagging along with a pillion rider for your long highway jaunts, this backrest makes absolute sense! The mounts come with cast aluminium backrest arms, which are powder coated for durability. The pad is also available in black.

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Touring screen

Get increased wind protection alongside reduced fatigue, with this hard-coated, injection-moulded scratch-resistant screen. Also, the stainless steel mounting kit comes with ­fixings to ensure that the screen is always positioned perfectly.

2021 RE Classic 350 Accessories

Luggage solutions

Royal Enfield is offering a 12.5 ltr. capacity fully injection moulded box with styling cues of classic ammunition crate, a black powder-coated luggage rack with 16mm steel tube and a waterproof roll-top bag when it comes to luggage solutions.

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Alloy wheels

Add to the distinct look of your motorcycle with the new tubeless-ready Royal En­field cast alloy wheels. These black-painted 10-spoke wheels have been machine cut for a detailed look and come pre-assembled with bearings and spacers for ease of fi­tment.

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2021 RE Classic 350 Accessories (8)

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