Review: Royal Enfield Classic 350; Same Same But Different!


Royal Enfield Classic 350 fans have a reason to smile as it is finally here after doing rounds of the internet in the form of rumours and spy shots. It has been launched at a starting price of ₹1.84 lakh going up to ₹2.51 lakh and is available in five different variants. We got to spend a day with the new Classic 350 and after riding it for a couple of hundred kilometres, here’s what we have to share.


While the Classic 350 is a new motorcycle, the design stays true to the iconic Classic 350 that we have loved over the years. There’s nothing new in terms of dimensions, wheelbase or the weight of the new Classic 350. That being said what you will notice when you sit on the bike is that the rider triangle is slightly different thanks to the handlebars that have been pushed a tad further.  While the rider seat height is a comfy 805 mm which will suit most Indian riders, Royal Enfield has worked on the ground clearance which now stands at 170 mm which is 35 mm higher than the old bike.

Royal Enfield Classic 350_Design

What’s New?

The Classic 350 gets an all-new exhaust, new body panels, a completely new chassis, new wheels and wider tyres, a new engine, new handlebars most of which are borrowed from the Meteor 350. The instrument console, the fuel tank, the suspension, the seats, pilot lights, foot controls are completely new. The instrument console now gets a digital unit that also has a fuel gauge and the tripper navigation is also available as an option.  (Also Read: 2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350: What’s New?)

Royal Enfield Classic 350_Trpper

 Engine and Performance

The RE Classic 350 get a new engine, which actually is shared with the RE Meteor 350 however, the mapping and fuelling is a bit different than on the Meteor. Staying true the Classic character the Classic 350 has a more relaxed power delivery than the Meteor. In other words, it is not as peppy and intent as the Meteor. However, Classic 350 fans will appreciate how RE has managed to keep the performance delivery similar to the Classic 350 tradition. The torque is available right from the bottom of the rev range. It is more tractable in lower and higher gears too. The bike pulls really well at lower revs as well. The engine now makes 20.2 hp and 27 Nm torque. Though the torque has reduced by 1 Nm, the bike is now getting a 1 hp power bump.

Royal Enfield Classic 350_Enfield

Ride and Handling

In terms of vibrations, the bike is really smooth and vibes can be felt only when the rev limited cuts in. Cruising on this bike at 90-95 kmph will be really comfortable and won’t leave your hands and feet tingling. The new riding position gives a perfect rider’s triangle for long-distance riding and the new seat will also ensure that you can cover a lot of miles before feeling tired.  The suspension, however, is a little stiffer even at its softest setting. While it glides on smooth roads and highways, you will feel a lot of vertical movement on the city bumps. That being said, what surprised us is the ability to go over the corners. Not that it is very enthusiastic but it is way more capable than the outgoing Classic 350 when you show it a set of twisties.

Royal Enfield Classic 350_seat


To conclude, we can safely say that Royal Enfield has made a well-rounded package with the RE Classic 350. It has by far the best fit and finishes on a Classic 350 and the engine is well refined. They have successfully managed to deliver the aesthetics of the Classic 350 minus all the niggling issues. This makes the RE Classic 350 an easy bike to recommend for someone who is looking for a retro-classic bike for everyday use and that cherished highway runs as well.


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