Paris bans cars and bikes registered before 1997 and 2000 on weekdays to curb pollution and save tourist destinations

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It seems nations around the world are in turbo mode to counter the prevailing air pollution situation in their respective countries. In one such example, the Capital of France has implemented a similar idea to the rule implemented in Delhi NCR, India. The ‘similarity’ between the two rules used by the capitals of India and France is that both the countries have used an equation of days with vehicle type. Delhi government followed the Odd-Even formula which banned vehicles with even numbered registration plates to ply on odd dates and vice versa.

Paris Traffic

The French have come up with an emission curbing formula that bans cars registered before 1997 and motorcycles registered before 2000 to run in the city of Paris during the first half of weekdays. These vehicles can legitimately run in the city between 8 pm and 8 am but not before or after that. This ban will be active only on weekdays while weekends will be restriction free. This latest rule is imposed in order to reduce pollution and traffic in the city’s tourist destinations and is in action from July 1, 2016 till further notice. To help municipal authorities to identify a non-compliant vehicle, the officials have proposed an idea that will have all the cars stick air quality certificates on their windshields.

France has been actively executing many norms to arrest the emission problems. The French officials feel that this rule will bring out good results but the citizens are not happy. Some motoring groups have criticized it as it severely affects low income groups. While some can afford to buy newer cars, many citizens with low income cannot even think of it. Reportedly, the rule has not exempted any type of driver or rider. The Government of France has also come up with numerous schemes to encourage the citizens to opt for greener modes of transport.

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