Panasonic Launches EV Charging Service In India

Panasonic has launched a first of its kind smart EV charging service in India - Nymbus. Has partnered with electric mobility service providers SmartE and qQuick

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Panasonic announced the launch of a first of its kind smart EV charging service in India – Nymbus. A futuristic charging service, it combines physical components such as charging stations, swap stations, onboard charges, telematics systems and virtual components like cloud service, analytics, intuitive dashboard, and artificial intelligence to deliver a one-stop solution. The technology platform is a result of Panasonic India’s concentrated R&D efforts and has been designed and developed to cater to the growing mobility market in India.

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As part of the first phase, Panasonic has partnered with electric mobility service providers’ SmartE and qQuick, wherein Panasonic will be deploying the EV charging service on 150 SmartE electric three-wheelers and on 25 qQuick 2 wheelers in the Delhi NCR region. The solution is poised to help individual EV users, EV fleet owners, e-commerce & logistics companies to manage their fleet more efficiently and also the utility providers, vehicle, equipment and battery manufacturers to understand the usage patterns and calibrate the products and services accordingly.

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The service comes equipped with telematics sensors on the vehicles, allowing users to generate real-time data and reports from continuous operation thus enabling them to use their fleet in the most efficient way. Built to learn and gain intelligence over time, the systems are poised to assist the fleet managers in monitoring and managing the entire fleet such as finding out the efficiency of different Li-ion battery packs, avoiding unnecessary charge trips due to lack of charging and real-time data, monitoring of vehicle data usage etc. The cloud and app service also allows EV and fleet owners to easily search and navigate the nearest charging point, thus reducing logistical challenges.

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Panasonic’s partner SmartE is India’s first shared electric mobility service and is the largest electric vehicle operator in the country. It has served over 35 million commuters since its launch more than three years ago. Apart from building an ecosystem of partners in the electric mobility space, SmartE has also set up India’s largest EV charging infrastructure with a captive capacity to charge more than 800 vehicles concurrently. Currently operational in Delhi, Gurugram and Faridabad with a fleet of nearly 1000 vehicles on its platform, SmartE is looking to bring over 100,000 vehicles on its platform by 2023.

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On the other hand, qQuick is India’s first Integrated and Delhi’s only electric scooter service. qQuick provides accessible, personal mobility around key locations of Delhi-NCR for increasing connectivity. The service is completely keyless, all that a customer needs is a mobile, digital payment account and a driving license. Helmets with hygiene caps are provided in the scooter boot.