Paint fumes from adjoining factory affects dispatches at Honda facility in Noida

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Honda CR-V (1)

If you’ve been waiting for your new Honda car to arrive and grace your driveway, or intend to buy one, your wait might just extend for a little more time. Almost half the vehicles, the Japanese car maker manufactured at their Noida facility in India have been damaged due to paint fumes from a neighboring under construction factory. The fumes have resulted in minor paint spots over the rooftop and exposed chrome and plastic parts on cars that were parked in the open stockyard.

Honda Brio honda-mobilio-images-128

The affected models include the Honda Mobilio, Brio and the CR-V, although it is the Mobilio which occupied most space in the yard. The Amaze and the City remain unaffected as they are manufactured at their other plant in Rajasthan. Honda has withheld delivery of the affected cars to their dealers and will only release them once the necessary rectification has been carried out, including any change of parts if required. Honda cars already command a waiting period and since over 4000 cars have been affected by this fiasco, the wait is bound to extend further.

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