One-off Audi RS3 Sportback unveiled; gets 40% lighter carbon-fibre wheels

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One-off Audi RS3 Sportback front top

Audi usually makes understated cars, ones that are built to whoosh you to your destination without garnering too much attention. However, this particular Ingolstadt bad boy has been created to grab eyeballs as you roll past. The German carmaker has unveiled a one-off RS3 Sportback; this one doesn’t stick to the ‘subtle’ idea of ze Germans at all.

One-off Audi RS3 bonnet

The first thing to grab your attention is an airbrushed representation of what can been seen once you actually open the bonnet. This one-off Audi RS3 gets carbon-fibre front and rear splitter, carbon-fibre surround for the front grille, and the side-mirror caps are carbon-fibre too. However, the most eye-grabbing exterior bit of the car has to be its carbon-fibre wheels, which look absolutely ravishing. These wheels are appx. 40 percent lighter than conventional aluminium alloys. Audi has neatly placed an LED-illuminated “Quattro” moniker on the lower side of the front grille.

One-off Audi RS3 Sportback carbon-fibre wheels

The carbon-fibre treatment extends to the interior as well. The black material can be found on the steering wheel, cup holder, seat shells and even the ashtray! According to Audi, “all of the car’s plastic mechanical parts have also received the same paint as the body or a lacquered glossy black look.” Powering the one-off Audi RS3 Sportback is a 2.5-litre, five-cylinder TFSI turbo engine that chucks out 367 PS of max power and 465 Nm of shove. Fed via a dual-clutch 7-speed S Tronic transmission, and sent to all four wheels via the Quattro system, all this power means that 100 km/h comes up in just over 4 seconds!

Find more images of this aggressive Audi in the gallery below.

One-off Audi RS3 Sportback seats
One-off Audi RS3 Sportback top view
One-off Audi RS3 Sportback front top
One-off Audi RS3 Sportback front close up
One-off Audi RS3 Sportback carbon-fibre wheels
One-off Audi RS3 Sportback cabin
One-off Audi RS3 bonnet

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