One Crazy Creation: Homemade 2 stroke 150 bhp 3 cylinder motorcycle

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Hand Made 3 Cylinder 700cc Motorcycle (2)

From creating a Humvee out of an old Ford pickup to an auto-enthusiast building his own Ferrari F1 replica by a roadside garage– the love and craze for automobiles simply cannot be fathomed. What we have now are two blokes from France who have built a complete motorcycle at home by hand. Though their creation isn’t going to bag any beauty pageants, but looking at the final product and the figures- the effort seems worthwhile and impressive indeed.

Hand Made 3 Cylinder 700cc Motorcycle

We can’t really comment on how they build up the engine as they have happened to mention ‘Yamaha’. No matter how hard we scratch our heads trying remembering as to when was the last time we read about a Yamaha three cylinder 2 stroke engine- we really can’t recollect. Looking at the crankcase cover, seems like these French blokes have fabricated the engine too- maybe adding in an extra cylinder to a 2 stroker twin. The trellis (hope we can call it by that name) frame wrapped around the engine and raking at the rear looks completely hand fabricated and so does the cooling system.

The Ohlins FGR series forks at the front and the twin shock setup at the rear add their worthy bits to the specifications chart, and so do the brakes which seem to have been swapped from an exotic Italian Superbike. The whole setup weighs only 160 kgs and considering that the motorcycle cranks out 160 bhp in a two stroke avatar- the acceleration could be termed nothing but BRUTAL. Now only if the frame could handle the insane power generated from those three cylinders.

Home Made 3 Cylinder 700cc Motorcycle

On the concluding part the manner in which the exhaust routing has been done, we can’t help but wonder whether someone would actually dare to be seated behind those scorching big pipes. But nonetheless, it might not look pleasing to the eye- but it sounds fabulous. Have a look at the video. 2 stroke lovers- here’s symphony for your ears.

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  • Balake says:

    He used a Yamaha 700cc snowmobile engine and built a killer and innovative setup. Would like more details also. Did the body get crafted? Plans for the bike are…??
    Great job

  • Glad to see your comment Olivier. Would be great if you could give us more details about the bike so that we could make a few additions to the article. And do give our regards to you friend for making this badass creation!

  • Olivier says:

    Hi i am the guy that did the video and a friend of the guy that built this fantastic bike

  • Animesh Guha says:

    It’s awesome.
    I here in India want to build something like this, but I took a step back when someone told me that I could not drive it on roads as i cannot my register bike or make it Street legal.

    Please light me up on this, how register my custom made bike which will hav a slightly tune car engine.