Ola passenger gets a INR 9,15,887 bill for a 450 kms trip

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What can INR 9 lakh get you? A decent hatchback and enough petrol for an entire year, probably even two (for an average user). You can get yourself a decent middle-weight motorcycle for that money and still have enough left for a road trip across India. But Rathish Sekhar, a private consultant working on government projects, was surprised when the estimated fare of his 450 km trip escalated from INR 5,000 to a massive INR 9,15,887. The bill also showed that Sekhar travelled for traveled 85,427 kms.

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Even the cab driver was surprised by the bill amount as he immediately contacted Ola Customer Care who later recalculated the fare to INR 4,812. Customer care officer assured that the mistake in calculation was a technical glitch while Ola Cabs spokesperson Soumitra Chand added that the cab aggregator is looking into the matter.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Sekhar said, “There were no dots between the numericals. For example, some times the bill amount is displayed as ‘9158.87’ which would mean Rs 9,158. But even Rs 9,000 would be almost double the estimate.”

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What do you have to say about the massive miscalculation of the trip fare by Ola? Share your views with us through the comments section below.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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  • Satish says:

    All the measurements and calculations are done by software. No software is perfect. Here it is very likely that while calculating start to end trip, the program could have used some other cars GPS signals. The various switching between ola cars would have made caculator input direct diatances including all cabs in various cities. Effectively the distance travelled is thousands and the bill is generated accordingly. In fact there is posibility that during the start and stop times old software might have billes the total of all ola cabs bill on the road that time.