Official Statement: Bajaj Auto releases report on broken rim of the Pulsar RS200

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Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Accident - 7

A recent post by Facebook user Mohsin Patel (whose profile has apparently been deactivated or deleted) reported that his Bajaj Pulsar RS200 was the reason behind a major accident involving his wife and himself. According to the post on the social networking website, the wheel allegedly broke during braking, tossing the occupants off the motorcycle, on the tarmac, causing some serious injuries. Both the occupants were hospitalized. Bajaj Auto, in an official statement said that the company was investigating the incident. Bajaj Auto has now released a statement with findings of their investigation. Here is what the Pune based two wheeler manufacturer has to say about the incident

Here is the official statement from Bajaj Auto:

Bajaj Auto was informed on Wednesday, 22 July 2015 of an incident where a Pulsar RS200 was reported having a major alloy wheel breakage. We had immediately sent a team to the workshop in Mumbai to conduct a full analysis of the accident vehicle.

Our team has now completed the investigation and the detailed results are as follows:

  1. The breakage of the alloy wheel was caused by a side impact of a rigid object on the front tyre and rim at a speed of approximately 80 kmph from the right hand side.
  2. The high speed side impact broke the alloy spokes and caused the front fork to bend to the left. The direction of forces on the wheel are clearly borne out by visible marks on the front wheel rim and distortion of the front fork.
  3. These physical external marks are consistent with fracture analysis displaying directional stress fracture and crack propagation perpendicular to the plane of the wheel from the right to the left. The initial fracture took place in three (3) spokes closest to the impact point. The rest of the spokes failed on account of dynamic overload.
  4. The rider had claimed that the wheel rim broke under hard braking. Had this been true, one should have seen the fracture initiation from the front of the spoke & end at the back of the spoke. The fracture is from right side to left. Hence it can be concluded that this is a clear case of side impact. The wheel is not the cause of the accident, the opposite is true – the accident has damaged the wheel. This wheel cannot break under hard braking. The speed of impact can be estimated from the nature of wheel breakage and the extent of bending of the front fork
  5. No defective component has been found on the said Pulsar RS200 motorcycle.
  6. Due to the side impact and corresponding damage, the rider lost control of the bike and fell.

We reiterate that Bajaj bikes are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are designed for safe operations. Over the past 14 years Bajaj Pulsar has earned the trust of more than 50 lakh customers in over 25 countries.

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  • Jeet says:

    I am not a hater of bajaj,actually want to buy this bike,hence need some clarification abt this…
    If something hit from right side at 80kmps per hour?must be another vehicle? Then how come the fairing has not been damaged from right side..and if something at that speef hits a moving vehicle, this bike would hav bounced in opposite direction in air…n bike wud hav landed on left…

    Please motoroids or bajaj….I want to buy this bike…so provide more clarification regarding this issue..because for a middle class its still a costly bike and we dont even change bikes often.

  • Ganesh says:

    I am a proud user of Pulsar using it from last 7 years. From Sunny to Spirit and from m80 stroke to Pulsar, I have all these in my family. For me, Pulsar is one of the best product Bajaj ever had. And personally, I got any my problem only when I ignore timely servicing of the bike. My pulsar still gives me 45+ average which is fair enough. And now I am exchanging it with RS200. In today's world, social media is used more for someone's bad publicity than their good work. I have sympathy with the victims of this accident, but again I just can't loose my trust on Bajaj only for any incident. It may feel bad to say, but on social media people are more aggressive in spreading rumours than to find if the forwarded posts are really genuine.

  • smarty sharma says:

    Baja plzzzz jaldi se repot do …..mane apne odar bhi cancel kr diya apki repot ka wt kr rha ho…..plzzzz jaldi se shai repot do ya hai kyaaa…..or aise q huya

  • NOEL says:

    hi guys……i wish bajaj pulsar top notch engineers visit every customers querry if they are so concerned abt their brand image.
    I purchased a new Pulsar AS 200 a month back,,, with rear disc squeeching sound /no side stand indication on speedo/steering drifting slightly to the left side due to which severe aching taking place on the right elbow/minor crack on the windsheild of the front fairing glass where the srews are fastened to the main fairing…….these all i got with the new pulsar,,,,,on my approach to suryoday motors vasai (E).. BAJAJ tells me they do not have the parts yet and abt the steering pulling to the left side….they say its normal…..ive been riding bikes from the past 14 years….shud i expect the engineers submit me a detailed report the kind which i saw on the Pulsar RS 200…??

  • Saurabh says:

    I have been using a Pulsar 200 since the last 8 years and am extremely proud and happy with the best quality of this bike. Even after 8 years it vrooms like a new bike with the same intensity of pickup which was there when i purchased it. Apart from normal bear and tear and timely service. This bike has never asked for any extra cost. Its the best.

    For we bloody Indians Its very easy to blame someone else for your own mistakes (God save us and our country from these fools)

    Bajaj manufactures quality products and i believe them………Period