Nuviz: A head-up display that fits on any helmet

Nuviz is a head-up display system that projects navigation, music and telemetry on the helmet visor and can be fitted onto your existing helmet.

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Think like a retard and you’d go buy yourself a helmet that saves you from paying fines but not from being retarded all your life, if you ever encounter an unfortunate incident. The serious disclaimer aside, all helmets look the same and not much has changed over the years although a lot of science tech goes into making them lighter, stronger and comfortable. However, helmets are pretty functional things, they do their job of saving your coconut and that is that.

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Now, if you fancied the Skully AR-1 (Click here to read about it), however, the waiting and the price seemed out of bounds. Here is something that offers similar tech, yet understands the emotional value attached with your existing lid. So boys and girls, this new piece of kit is called Nuviz, a device that fits externally on your existing helmet and turns the visor into an HUD. So Nuviz connects to your phone and will project maps on the visor to help with navigation, will show you who’s calling, enables you to return the call, lets you listen to your favourite music on the go and gives you information about the current track being played. It tells you about the weather, shows important data about your trip, comes fitted with an integrated HD camera capable of 1080p, 30fps video, and 8MP photos so you can record and share your ride on the go.

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It records your lap times on a race track along with other telemetry and while you are riding casually it tells you where you’d find your future wife. It has no rear-view camera, as the makers of this device realized that optics can still not replace mirrors, since they distract and move around with your head, not really showing you the tarmac behind at all times. While riding, the Nuviz is controlled using a handlebar mounted controller that is specifically designed to work with motorcycle gloves.

The batteries in the Nuviz will run out of juice after at least 4 hours of continuous usage. Shooting non-stop HD video for example will drain the battery faster. Unfortunately battery development has not caught up with other technologies and every mobile device manufacturer faces the same challenge. The batteries are replaceable though, so you can bring an extra one and swap them out on those longer rides, they can also be charged on the move via the bike’s 12V power. The device is constructed of a high strength blended plastic, for example ABS and polycarbonate, which will provide it with a very rugged housing designed to survive both drops and debris.

The Nuviz is currently designed to meet an ingress protection (IP) rating baseline of IP-53. The first digit ‘5’ means “Protected from limited dust ingress”, and the second digit ‘3’ means “Protected from water spray less than 60 degrees from vertical”. The makers do feel the need to move up the second digit rating to a ‘5’ (IP-55), which includes the original dust protection, as well as “Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction”.

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