Now You Can Swap the Cast Alloy Wheels of Your KTM ADV 390 With These Official Spoke Wheels!

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There are a lot of things to like about the KTM 390 Adventure. It packs explosive performance, has a bucket-load of rider aids, munches miles for breakfast and is decently capable off the road as well. It still is considered to be the best in its segment, especially when it comes to the performance and equipment on offer. While it is decently capable off the road, there are a couple of things which could have made the 390 Adventure more potent in trail-bashing. And spoke wheels are of one of those things.

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But now, spoke wheels for the motorcycle are available under KTM’s Powerparts catalogue. However, prices for the same are yet to be announced.

KTM 390 Adventure spoke wheels

What does the kit include?

The spoke wheels kit offers all the additional parts necessary to convert from the stock cast alloy wheels to the steel spoke rims. Along with the spoke rims themselves, KTM also offers both front and rear discs and a sprocket as part of the package. One of the major gripes that some of the people had was the absence of spoke rims.

What are the benefits?

Even the ‘riders’ who feel like a fish out of the sea on the trails joined the hoard and complained about the cast alloy wheels but KTM has now resolved it by offering the wheel conversion kit. The inclusion of spoked wheels will now enhance the 390 Adventure’s off-road prowess by offering better balance, stiffness and confidence when riding off-tarmac. The cast rim has been the main limiting factor on the 390 Adventure in terms of its off-roading capabilities. However, with the new spoke rims, the KTM 390 Adventure can now be pushed even harder while off-roading.


The 390 Adventure is purpose-built for adventure travel and features a lightweight Trellis frame chassis, a long-travel suspension by WP with 170mm of wheel travel in the front and 177mm of wheel travel in the rear, knobby tyres by Metzeler, high ground clearance of 200mm, long wheelbase, extendable windshield and a protective bash plate for the engine.

KTM 390 ADVENTURE 2020 (5)

The 390 Adventure is packed with a set of first-in-class electronics like an ECU which controls a host of electronic aids like the lean-angle sensitive Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC), cornering ABS, offroad ABS for better steering on low traction surfaces, and a quickshifter+ for smooth clutchless up and downshifting. The bike also gets KTM My Ride smartphone connectivity for calls, music and optional turn-by-turn navigation, all nicely displayed and relayed by the full-colour TFT display.

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