Noida’s New ATV Circuit Is Aimed To Offer A Economical Off Road Experience

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New ATV Circuit has been launched in Noida. The ATV Circuit has been doing its bit for promoting the off road vehicles in India. ATV Circuit is an outcome of a dream sought by its founder, Mehfooz Khan. The circuit offers a complete off road experience with a track of 1.5 KM, customized 4×4 All Terrain Vehicles ranging from 80cc to 350cc, variable difficulty levels and industry leading safety gears.

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Speaking about the ATV Circuit, Mehfooz Khan said that he is witnessing a positive trend towards adventure sports in India. Off-roading experience is gaining traction in India. Noida is a strategic location as it is a part of the Delhi-NCR region and is on the Greater Noida expressway. Khan further added that the brand also plans to introduce more off-road tracks in other locations all over the country.

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The initiative is undertaken by ATV Circuit team who planned to give off roading enthusiasts, a place that would be economical, required absolutely zero skill set and at the same time challenging enough to pump some adrenaline into the body of every rider who visit their circuit.

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Check out their more details on their official website. More images of the ATV Circuit below: