Nissan Safety Driving Forum phase-2 commences in India

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As a part of Blue Citizenship, which is Nissan’s social responsibility platform, the car marker has announced the launch of Phase-2 of the Nissan Safety Driving Forum in Hyderabad. The latest initiative aims to raise awareness about road safety and highlight the benefits of safety technologies in cars. The second phase began in Bangalore last week and will cover five prominent cities in India.

The two-day activity will enable participants to learn about road safety through simulator devices and emcee interaction. At the safety forum, participants will learn about the importance of seatbelts and airbags through simulators.

Announcing the launch, Mr. Kenichiro Yomura, President & CEO, Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd, said, “As a serious automobile manufacturer, Nissan is responsible for contributing to road safety. The Nissan Safety Driving Forum increases the awareness of safety amongst Indians and explains to them the key rules of car safety as well as safe driving techniques and technologies. This will also make the potential car user a better informed and safer driver contributing to overall reductions in traffic accidents in the future.

Present at the location, Mr.Ajay Raghuvanshi – Vice President, Business Management, Nissan Motor India Private Limited, stated, “NSDF is our initiative towards developing safe mindsets in India and creating awareness about road safety. Our initiative was well received earlier this year in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai and therefore, we have launched the second phase.

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