Nissan Micra goes abroad

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There was a time when we Indians had only a handful of car brands available here. But not anymore. Thanks to something called Globalization, we now have world market leaders coming to India to test their luck. Most of them have established themselves here and some have gone so far in their achievements that they consider India as a key market in their portfolio.

One of the latest enterant here is Nissan. Although Nissan has been here in the Indian market for  quite a long time but they started to make their presence felt recently with launch of cars like the 370z et al.

But their trump car is the latest gen Micra which was launched at the Geneva Auto Show in march this year. The car will go on sale in India in June at killer prices, we presume. And like others, Nissan too will export their car to various parts of the world from India. Micra_final

They have sent a batch of 6 India-made cars to Spain for testing, which Nissan India’s MD considers a great achievement for themselves. Nissan plans to export around 110,000 cars by 2011, starting this June and then increase the numbers to 180,000 in the future.

There are a few other promising models from both Nissan and Renault in pipeline which will be revealed soon. With Renault-Nissan partnership going good, success seems to be realisable for them.

If Nissan gets to taste success with their latest ventures, it wont be too foolish of us to expect Indian versions of 370z and ‘Godzilla’GT-Rs hitting our roads. Wish that day comes soon.

Watch this space for more updates.

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