Ninja 250: A disappointment or a new benchmark?


The time has come. The 2010 Ninja 250R is a few hours away from its debut in India. Contrary to the news floating around, the bike IS in fact a fuel injected version and not the carbed version everyone speculated. As we had told you on our blog a few weeks back, there is the mandatory number plate on the front fascia and a saree guard at the back. While the front number plate is sure to be replaced by a mere sticker on the front mudguard by many an owner, the saree guard is something that you might leave on. It isn’t all that bad to look at and has been skillfully designed to gel with the rest of the bike’s design.

With a 250cc liquid cooled parallel twin engine capable of a top speed close of 160 km/h, the Ninja may well become a benchmark in India’s motorcycling history. But if the rumors are to be believed, the Ninja 250R will come at a disappointing price upward of Rs. 3-lakh when it goes on sale this Diwali. Though the sources from whom we have heard this disappointing bit of news are highly dependable, we are hoping against all odds that this news is fake. Knowing that Bajaj has always been a value-for-money brand, we are still optimistic (and hoping) that the price which will be unveiled later today is significantly lower than Rs. 3-lakhs!

If not, do you think this price is justified? Do you think it has an impressive enough feature list to warranty the incentive over the other options in the market? Or are there NO options at all, but the Ninja 250R? Let us know what you think….

*Stay tuned to for all the info from the much awaited launch tomorrow!



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