New Porsche Cayenne Performance Variant Sets Nurburgring On Fire; Becomes The Fastest SUV Around The Green Hell

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Back in the day, SUVs were developed with just one intent in mind – ruggedness. Over the years, the go-anywhere machines have evolved and how! Not only they are more capable off the road, but the new breed of performance-oriented SUVs can also even put some acclaimed sportscars to shame. It is not only just about the raw performance, these Super-SUVs can also set a racetrack on fire with blistering speeds. The case in consideration today is of the performance version of the Porsche Cayenne that has set a new SUV lap time record in the Nurburgring Nordschleife track ahead of its launch.

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The trim level, which has yet to be fully revealed by the company, was able to lay down a lap time of 7:38.925 at the hands of factory driver Lars Kern.

Porsche Cayenne Nurburgring (3)

The 7:38 lap, set on June 14, is four seconds quicker than the previous record set by the Audi RS Q8 in November 2019.

Porsche Cayenne Nurburgring (1)

Although the official specs aren’t out in the open now, it is rumoured to have a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 that churns out 631 horsepower. However, the specifications will only be officially known when the vehicle is fully unveiled. It is based on the Cayenne Turbo Coupé and has been designed for maximum longitudinal and lateral dynamics. Despite still having light camouflage, the Porsche Cayenne performance SUV was certified by a notary public as a series production vehicle.

Porsche Cayenne Nurburgring

Official statements

After completing the record lap, Kern said, “(The SUV’s) high steering precision and stoically stable rear axle gave me a lot of confidence.” He added that the vehicle changed direction at lightning speed even in the fast curves and was easy to control, as well as quite spacious. “There is a lot of wheel travel, and the body stays solid and controlled. The drivetrain delivers power in every situation as well as perfect gear changes.”

Porsche Cayenne Nurburgring (2)

“This Cayenne model is a top performer. During its development, we focused on exceptional on-road performance,” Stefan Weckbach, vice president of the Cayenne model line, said in a statement. “Our record-breaking Cayenne is based on the Cayenne Turbo Coupé, though more systematically designed for maximum longitudinal and lateral dynamics. Its record time on the Nordschleife confirms the dynamic capabilities of our new performance SUV. Furthermore, it’s a typical Cayenne all-rounder, providing a high degree of driving comfort and everyday utility.”

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