New Honda Jazz coming soon, probably with reduced prices

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Remember our recent report where we told you about the massive discounts being offered by Honda dealers, amounting up to Rs 1.7 lakh? We also told you that it’s not a charitable programme as the new Jazz is just around the corner and the ongoing discounts are meant only to clear the current stock. The new Jazz should be here anytime now, and the news is not just about a new facelifted version of the car, but there is some buzz about a renewed pricing strategy as well.

Jazz facelift interior

In all probability we should see the Jazz facelift hitting the showrooms real soon. The new car will undergo some cosmetic changes to the headlamp, grille and the tail-lamp. Nothing, however, is expected to be altered within the cabin or below the running board. A CVT auto transmission, however, can make a debut on the Jazz with the new facelift. Inside the most noticeable change internationally, is the adoption of a darker dashboard material in a single colour, which is combined with a new seat fabric to enhance the ambience of the cabin. Dash lighting is now unified in a single orange colour, which provides a strong contrast with the darker dashboard. Chrome rings now define the air vents, instruments and climate control display (where fitted). For the first time in the European Honda Jazz, leather seats are available as a factory fitted option

That part doesn’t make for very exciting news. What does, however, is the fact that with the facelift, the Jazz may start retailing for a sticker price much lesser official price than its earlier variant. This means that the car would be available at an affordable and competitive price even without the dealers having to offer a discount for the car.

new Jazz auto transmission

According to some sources the new price may be just marginally more than the final prices offered by the dealers after discount. That should launch the Jazz strongly into the competition back again, as the Honda hatch is definitely the most spacious, most comfortable and the most premium looking of them all. A sober price tag is all it needs to start flying off the shelf. Some of the Honda dealers have already started taking the bookings for the new Jazz.

So if you are willing to buy a new hatchback for Rs 6-7 lakh, and have completely overlooked the Jazz for its ruthless pricing, may we suggest that you wait for a few more weeks? You may just get a great product at a great price.

New Jazz rear

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