New grease by SKF reduces friction and improves fuel economy

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SKF has launched a new lubrication solution for hub bearing units (HBUs) that reduces friction by as much as 9% compared to standard solutions while maintaining the same bearing performance. This low friction grease meets the market need to reduce friction in wheel bearing units, cutting both CO2 emissions and fuel consumption to improve total vehicle efficiency.

The low friction grease has been developed to a new chemical formula, with an optimised ratio between friction modifier and anti-wear additives and it is fully compatible with the bearing components. The low friction grease contributes to reduce the friction maintaining the same bearing performance in terms of life, stiffness, sealing, false brinelling.

This low friction grease for hub bearing units reduces the absorbed energy by up to 9,5%, compared to standard grease. Using the SKF Vehicle Environmental Performance Simulator (VEPS), and based on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), it has been calculated that a car with four hub bearing units using the low friction grease saves 0,15 g CO2 per km. When based on an annual mileage of 14,500 km, the saving is 2,9 kg CO2 per year.

The grease is tailored to meet customers hub bearing unit application needs, maximising the benefits of reduced friction and enhanced efficiency for all users.  It is applicable to all generations of hub bearing units and is suitable for both new designs and retrofit.

The low friction grease is part of the SKF BeyondZero portfolio. SKF BeyondZero solutions are designed to help reduce CO2 emissions, preserve limited resources and protect the environment from the use and spread of toxic substances.

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