New BMW Z4 To Get A ‘Extremely Powerful’ In-Line 6-Cylinder Engine

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BMW is currently testing its upcoming new Z4 roadster at its test centre in Miramas in the south of France. They probably didn’t want the motoring paparazzi to click and sell blurry, not-so-appealing photographs of their upcoming roadster which is most likely the reason to share the images of the prototype from the test facility, something that they also did with the V8 powered BMW 8 Series Coupe.

BMW Z4 Prototype – Official Images (15)

As aforementioned, the new BMW Z4 is currently undergoing another particularly important stage of the process towards serial production, in this case involving driving dynamics testing of a heavily disguised prototype. This will provide key insights into the performance properties of the new model which will soon go out on public roads.

BMW Z4 Prototype – Official Images (16)

Trials at the Autodrome de Miramas are focusing on fine-tuning of all drive and suspension systems. The most intense form of new dynamic roadster performance is embodied by the BMW Z4 M40i. A new, extremely powerful in-line 6-cylinder engine, a lowered sports suspension with electronically controlled dampers, a newly developed front axle, M light alloy wheels with mixed tyres, an M sports brake system and an electronically controlled lock in the rear axle differential create an overall package that sees the BMW M Performance model setting a whole new benchmark for driving pleasure in the roadster segment.

BMW Z4 Prototype – Official Images (7)

Like the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, the Miramas test centre offers perfect conditions for the new BMW Z4 to demonstrate its driving dynamics potential. Used by BMW to develop and test new models for more than 30 years, the centre comprises a long asphalt oval and a motorway ring road for high-speed tests as well as slalom, serpentine and circular tracks and a number of handling courses and circuits featuring highly diverse types of surface.

BMW Z4 Prototype – Official Images (29)

The new generation, as claimed by BMW, will particularly introduce effective enhancements in terms of agile handling, spontaneity and precision when changing direction and accelerating in dynamic style out of bends – without losing out in the comfort disciplines.

BMW Z4 Prototype – Official Images (34)
BMW Z4 Prototype – Official Images (32)
BMW Z4 Prototype – Official Images (30)

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