New BMW M4 and M3 engine details officially revealed

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After perhaps half a dozen rumors, engine details of the new BMW M4 and the BMW M3 have finally been revealed. It may be noted that the BMW M4 and the new M3 are easily the most anticipated M Division cars today.

New BMW M3/M4 Engine

Both the M4 and the M3 will be powered by the same engine. This engine, in typical BMW fashion, is an in line six unit and benefits from BMW M TwinPower twin turbochargers. Despite being a turbocharged unit, the engine will be “high-revving” in nature and will have a max power of around 430hp. The peak torque is pegged at 500Nm.

It may be noted that the current M3 is powered by a naturally aspirated 4.0-liter V8 motor that has a max power of 420hp and has a peak torque of 400Nm . BMW claims that the new engine, which will power the new M4 and M3, is 30% better than the outgoing V8.

Downsizing and turbocharging also mean that the CO2 emissions have headed downwards and fuel economy has gone up. The new car would weigh less than 1,500kg, further boosting the fuel economy.

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BMW also says that the M4 and the M3 have clocked a considerable mileage, doing almost a thousand laps of the Nurburgring

The new M3 and M4 are likely to debut at Detroit Motor Show in January next year.

Stay tuned to Motoroids for more updates of the upcoming BMW M4 and BMW M3 performance cars. Also, do you feel that downsizing the engine and plonking in a set of turbochargers would mean that the M3 has been robbed off its character? Let us know by commenting below.

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New BMW M3/M4 Engine Cover
BMW-M4-M3-Engine-Specs-Release-Date- (4)
BMW-M4-M3-Engine-Specs-Release-Date- (3)
BMW-M4-M3-Engine-Specs-Release-Date- (2)
New BMW M3/M4 Engine
New BMW M3/M4 Engine
BMW-M4-M3-Engine-Specs-Release-Date- (4)


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