New Bajaj V motorcycle to roll out in November, rumoured to have higher displacement

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After a relatively successful launch and positive sales of the V15, Bajaj Auto is preparing to introduce new products based on its new ‘V’ platform. While Bajaj Auto Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj confirmed that the second installment from the two-wheeler maker’s V platform will arrive in November, followed by a third model in May-June 2017, he remained tight-lipped about the displacements of the new motorcycles.

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In an interview, Bajaj Auto Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj said, “From April 2016 to March 2018, the biggest focus for us is to leverage this platform we created so that we can get a very healthy share of the commuter market. The second will come sometime around November which will hopefully be an equal or bigger success than V15. Then I will give it another six months, which means the third will be out around May-June 2017.”

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So what displacement can we see on the upcoming V motorcycle?

The Bajaj V15 was introduced to fill the void in the executive commuter space. While Bajaj did not pin-point at a segment for the upcoming motorcycles, rumours suggest that the new ‘V’ motorcycle will come with a 200cc powertrain which will be followed by a 400cc model. The idea of a 400cc variant seems far fetched and we believe Bajaj may follow Discover’s product strategy and introduce a relatively lower displacement version of the V series, probably a 125cc variant in the future.

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We won’t let our imagination wander too much and wait for some concrete information before making any further estimations. Meanwhile, let us know your views about higher displacement Bajaj V motorcycle through the comments section below.

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