New 2018 Husqvarna Fuel-Injected 2-Stroke Enduro Motorcycles Unveiled

New 2018 Husqvarna Fuel-Injected 2-Stroke Enduro Motorcycles, the TE 250i and TE 300i unveiled. Read ahead for more details and images.

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After KTMHusqvarna Motorcycles has introduced the next generation of 2-stroke products – the all-new, fuel-injected TE 250i and TE 300i. Together with the fuel-injected 2-strokes, Husqvarna Motorcycles now offer a heavily updated range of TE and FE machines for model year 2018. Featuring a pair of fuel injectors positioned at the transfer ports, the new system is designed to deliver the perfect amount of fuel into the engine at all times, across all conditions. Offering a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions, it is also claimed to provide a smooth and clean power delivery on both machines.

With the injectors delivering the fuel mixture downwards into the transfer port, the system ensures a much more efficient combustion. Carefully placed at the rear of the cylinder, a special tube relays intake pressure data to the new ECU. Gathering information from the throttle position sensor, the air and intake pressure sensors, together with the crankcase pressure and water temperature sensors, the ECU automatically compensates for temperature and altitude changes eliminating the need to modify carburettor jetting.

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Husqvarna TE 250i revolutionary fuel injected machines in MY18 Enduro Line up

The 2-stroke oil is stored in a separate tank thus eliminating the need for pre-mixing. With its filler tube running through the frame, the 0.7 lt tank contains oil for five full tanks of fuel depending on conditions. Controlled by the EMS the oil pump delivers the ideal amount of oil reducing waste as well as excessive smoke.


  • Fuel injectors at the transfer ports → Ideal amount of fuel in all conditions
  • Oil pump & oil tank → Convenient, eliminates pre-mix
  • 39 mm throttle body → Regulates air flow, TPS relays airflow data
  • New EMS → Modern engine management, no need for jetting changes
  • Standard map select → Customise power characteristics
  • Frame integrated oil filler cap → Simple refills
  • Translucent fuel tank → Large capacity, fuel pump integrated
  • New intake snorkel → Adapted to throttle body

Husqvarna TE 300i MY18 Enduro Line up

MY2018 Range

For 2018, all models benefits from WP Performance System. The front WP forks are specifically designed for enduro riding. For MY18, the forks feature new outer tubes offering improved flex characteristics and reduced friction. A stiffer setting also provides extra sensitivity and improved bottoming resistance.

Also new for MY18 are the Magura front and rear brake systems. Featuring a similar layout to the design used on previous model Husqvarna enduro bikes, each system features optimal sensitivity and a progressive feel while retaining the highest level of performance. Second to none in terms of functionality and style, the new ProTaper handlebars feature class-leading fatigue resistance while adding minimal weight.

The new Husqvarna MY18 enduro range will be available worldwide from July 2017 onwards at all authorised Husqvarna Motorcycles Dealers.

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