New 2014 Honda Jazz (Fit) website goes LIVE in Japan

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The upcoming all new 2014 Honda Jazz aka Honda Fit has been busy making plenty of news of late.

The Fit has always been an important car for Honda’s product portfolio and the advent of new cars in its segment means that the current gen Jazz has become a tad dated. The car has already been through a facelift and Honda has high hopes with the next gen Jazz to get the better of the competitors.

We posted in detail when the new 2014 Honda Jazz aka Fit was unveiled recently. Now, it has emerged that the new 2014 Honda Jazz website has gone LIVE in Japan.

With this, we have got to see some more pics of the new car, along with some new details.

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The styling of the new 2014 Honda Jazz can be best described as evolutionary and there is no mistaking this car for anything else but a Honda.

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Like the exteriors, the interiors too are every bit more modern and seem to have evolved pretty well. As can be seen in the images, the interiors get both a new design and a new layout. Also, the interiors can now be better related to those of the new Civic and the new Accord.

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The 2014 Honda Jazz has 8cms of longer wheelbase, which translates into bigger cargo space and 6.5cm of additional rear legroom.

The new 2014 Honda Jazz will go on sale in international markets with four engine options, viz.:

  • 1.3-litre petrol with CVT gearbox. Max power of 98bhp and peak torque of 120Nm
  • 1.5-litre petrol with 6-speed manual
  • 1.5-litre hybrid with 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. Max power of 133bhp and peak torque of 170Nm
  • Details of diesel engine option haven’t been announced yet but our guess is that the car will get the same 1.5 litres iDTEC motor that powers the Amaze.

Talking about the new Jazz, Honda’s Senior Ride and Handling Engineer, Terumasa Kotada said, “In upping our game, we wanted to make a stronger international competitor, so we benchmarked our Fit on the Polo. The moment you get in the Polo, you notice how low you sit in the car. This instills confidence. And then when you drive the Polo, you notice how low its roll center is and its huge stability levels, instilling even more confidence. To get our desired result, I tested the car extensively on the autobahns in Germany.”

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