Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 3 announced!

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We have been hooked onto to the Need For Speed gaming titles for over a decade now. But in recent times, the franchise hasn’t cut the cake the way you expect it to. Agreed, NFS: Pro Street and NFS: Shift had a noble philosophy of taking speed and racing off the streets and onto the race track, and we even advocate that fact. But from the hardcore gamer’s point of view, Need For Speed stands for pure adrenaline rush coming from the exotics, muscle or tuner cars running away from those pumped up cop cars, creating the ultimate hot pursuits.

So guess what? The pursuits are back! Electronic Arts has gone back to the tried and trusted formula this time around and from what they have shown at E3, it seems to be the NFS title you have been waiting for in the recent times. And more so, there is also a confirmed release date on it – 16th November 2010, unlike a certain ‘GT’ game title which is being delayed times without number for the last three years! Coming back, the new NFS is developed by Criterion Games – the same company that has brought you the automotive mayhem called the ‘Burnout’ franchise of game. Having seen their abilities in the various ‘Burnout’ titles, we can rest assured that NFS: Hot Pursuit 3 will pack in equal or more fun and action. While we have added the E3 trailer at the end of this story, we also urge you to take a stroll down memory lane with the intro videos of the original Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit II. Do come back and give us your valuable comments…

The videos:

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 3 (2010)


Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (2002)


Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit (1998)


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