Nano autorickshaw’s may soon be a reality in Bengaluru

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Ever since the first bunch of Tata Nano’s strolled onto our streets, a lot of automotive enthusiasts suggested that they would serve better as cheap modes of transport rather than a full fledged family car on a tight budget. Someone in the Karnataka government seems to have been seriously pondering over this thought, since it first became public on automotive forums. The government of Karnataka is currently considering a proposal of buying and using Tata’a Nano cars as auto-rickshaw’s within the state.

According to Mr.R.Ashok, Transport Minister of Karnataka, the government is considering a decision to buy 10,000 Nano cars and rent them out in Bengaluru.He also told the press on Saturday that the profit from this scheme will be shared between the government and the driver’s at 40:60 ratio respetively. He further clarified that the government may invest money for buying the Nano’s either from its own resources or take loans for the same. Speaking about the motive behind this thought, he commented that the difference in the cost between a Nano and a regular autorickshaw is not much. He also reveled that the goverment continues to receive complaints about auto drivers and also the number of autorickshaws in the city is insufficient compared to the population.

Surely, a Nano serving the role of an autorickshaw, would be much better choice for commuters than the traditional three wheeled ones. Not only would it provide commuters with the option of opting for an autorickshaw with more plush ride comfort and slightly better road safety owing to an fully enclosed cabin. We hope this proposal gets cleared by the Karnataka government and benefits both the auto divers as well as commuters.

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