Musket V-Twin kit now available for official sale

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Musket V Twin Royal Enfield 500 (2)

Always fancied a Royal Enfield twin or have been just ranting as to why one of the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer still sticking to singles- where the likes of Harleys and Indians have shot to a different level. Well here’s some good news!

US based Aniket Vardhan has been working on the project since 2009 and finally after 5 years of hardwork- the Musket V-Twin is ride ready. Installed on a 2002 Royal Enfield Bullet 500, the kit didn’t take much effort except a stretch in the downtube by only 2.3 inches. As of September 2014, the engine has completed 17,600 kms of testing.

Musket V Twin Royal Enfield 500

Priced at US$5990 plus shipping for the complete Musket crankcase (standard setup), there’s another performance kit with Carrillo rods, roller big ends for US$6990 plus shipping. If in the USA, Aniket will do it all for your 500 Bullet for US$12,750 for the standard and US$13,750 for the performance kit. At present, Musket V-Twin kit is only available for USA customers, but Aniket would start accepting worldwide orders from the next production batch.

Musket V Twin engine Royal Enfield 500

The Kit has been designed for the cast iron version of the Royal Enfield Bullet, kick-start version. Electric-start RE’s would need a new kick-start type inner primary cover. Currently Aniket has stock of six engines for the 500, but next batch onwards he would start working on the 350 variants too (already tested for 10,000 kms) that would enable owners to either choose from a 700 or a 1000cc v-twin.

Musket V Twin engine Royal Enfield 500 (2)

So if you’re in the states and wish to gift your beloved Royal Enfield 500 with an extra cylinder and of course more power and torque (36 bhp for 350 and 44 bhp for the 500 model)- CLICK HERE to order your kit plus go through the fascinating story of Aniket’s toil and sweat on the Musket V-Twin project.

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  • Naveen says:

    Just look at the carb position, it’s just a “jugaad”. And worst part is, again left side break and right side gear like the old RE. I am sure, it will have double heating problem too. Better buy Harley 750 in less price.

  • prince ahuja says:

    i want buy bullet musket. any one tell me the procesor how do i buy the double heart bike.!!

  • henty jose says:

    I am a big fan of royal Enfield & and I love wat
    he made bullet with 2 hearts

  • Gurprit Singh says:

    I am big fan of royal enfield and I have 5 bullets.
    But I like this one too cause this is the one which look unique on indian road.
    I want to know about the process of getting this bike at any cost.
    I live in Chandigarh(Punjab).
    It’s fabulous;)
    Reply me please

  • Grant says:

    So I guess you must be aware of the BHP output of the harley’s and some of the big Metric cruisers right? Wrong I think would be your response, because the bang you are talking about is in the torque not the power stats. Anyone riding a big V twin will tell you this. If you want power go for a Ducati or a Honda Firestorm or some such sports bike.