Motoroids Video Roundup: TVS Apache RR 310, BMW M3, Lexus NX 300h, TVS Jupiter and BMW 5 Series

A weekly roundup of all our video reviews featuring the TVS Apache RR 310, the BMW M3, the 520d, the Jupiter Classic and the Lexus NX 300h

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This week, our video reviews capture everything starting from the humble and brilliant TVS Jupiter Classic to the very desirable and super fast saloon, the BMW M3. In between, we spent time with the brand new TVS Apache RR 310 in Chennai, a sharp looking Lexus NX 300h in Goa and the 2017 BMW 5 Series 520d.

TVS Apache RR 310

TVS’ flagship has been able to attract so much interest, it is a rare event even for people like us to witness so much excitement around a product. As we figured out, the motorcycle doesn’t disappoint at all and maybe you would agree once you spend some time to watch our detailed review. If you’d like to know in detail about the bike’s new electronic instrument console or wish to hear what it sounds like, click the highlighted part and it’ll take you straight to the video.

TVS Jupiter Classic

The TVS Jupiter is that one scooter which has been quietly chipping away the stays of the Honda Activa’s throne. We dissect its brilliance to find out just what is it that makes it so popular. If you’re in the market for a comfortable, practical and efficient new scooter, you just cannot miss this one.

Lexus NX 300h

Luxury car brand Lexus came out with a striking new SUV – the NX 300h, and we travelled to sunny Goa to experience what it’s all about. Powered by a hybrid propulsion system, it is one of those rare cars which gives you a glimpse at the future while your feet are still planted in the present. It might not boast of impressive specs on paper, but inside, it feels every bit a premium car. And as they say, once you experience how special Lexus makes you feel for buying into their brand, there’s no going back to anything else.


It isn’t just a car. It’s a legend which has been defining what a fast four-door saloon must be. Is the BMW M3 still the perfect car to ferry your kids to school before you head out and line up on the grid at the racetrack? How relevant is it on our roads? And if money isn’t the bar, can this be your everyday BMW? Find out in our review.

BMW 5 Series 520d Fuel Efficiency Test


Not many would buy a premium car for its efficiency. But when a manufacturer like BMW promises an almost unbelievable economy figure for every litre of fuel the new 5 Series consumes, somebody had to verify their claims. We sweat it out inside the cabin of the new Business Athlete to find out if the new car lives up to a number on its spec sheet.

We’ll be back soon with more exciting content before 2017 comes to a close. The new year promises to start with a bang, where the 2018 Auto Expo and many new launches await us in the first half. We hope you liked the effort we made this week. Count on the Free-Revving Species to provide you with your daily dose of motoring action from around the world. Rev Hard, Rev Free!

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