Motoroids Forums Now LIVE: Come, Join the Free-Revving World

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For all these years we have kick started your mornings with all the latest updates and action from the automotive world. Through all this time we have managed to garner an army of followers who have been consistent in sharing their love, views, and opinion through our various social media channels. Our ever-increasing number of followers has been one of the main reasons for our growth and we can’t thank you guys enough for this.

Our inbox is flooded with messages and questions, and we make sure that none of those go unanswered. We also discuss the latest happening of the automotive world with all of you. While all those discussions are limited to a few interactions through Facebook, G+, and the comment section of our website, we thought of taking this communication a few notches higher.

We have been developing a new platform for our followers and fans for a while now, where all you petrol heads can jam together. This is a free-revving club where there are no limits for good stuff!

Fire up your brains, kick in the right gear and ride into our all new Motoroids Forums! All of you are invited to join this no-nonsense platform meant for sharing views, opinion and knowledge.  If you think you have something to say that will make a difference, then this is the right place for you to start. Got some interesting info, images, leaks, or tweaks? Pour it in! We will ensure that your voice is heard by the whole wide world.

Well, that’s not it! Anything you do on this platform will not go unaccounted. We have a kickass Member Reputation System wherein we will do all the hard work to make sure you get rewarded for what you do. We want all of you to be motivated to be a part of this huge community, therefore for every good deed done here your profile will be decorated with unique badges. Every badge will be a mark of your commitment. On the basis of the forum topics started by you, posts made and replies and the number of upvotes you received the badges will be awarded. If you manage to pull off an outstanding performance then you are entitled to special privileges and exciting opportunities with us!

Come, Join Us and Be A Part Of This Free-Revving Forum!

Here’s how you do it:

Home Screen

Head to the login icon and sign in or sign up with your valid e-mail id and set a unique password. You can also sign in/sign up through your FaceBook and Google account. After getting in hover on Motoroids Blog tab and select Motoroids Forum.

Login / Sign up



Standard Login / Sign up screen

Setting up your Profile



Forum Home Screen (Popular Topics / Recent Topics)






How to add a Topic?


After selecting any Tag from the Forum section, scroll down to Create a Topic section as seen in the image above. Put up your title, then the main content. You can also add images/videos to your Topic.

Replying to Topics


Under every Topic, you will get your space to voice out your opinion and views.


These are a few badges that you will be awarded to you as per your performance on the Forum. We have many more that will help you decorate your profile!


Motoroids Forums etiquette


At the bottom of the forums list, there will be this section which takes care of the Forums announcements, FAQs, Bug reporting, etc. Also, before you start off with any topic or discussion, make sure you have introduced yourself in the Free-Revving world through the option as seen in the image above.

The rules, regulations and FAQs have been compiled and put up here ->  Motoroids Forums: Support, Guide, Announcements and Bug Reporting.

Before you dive into the Forums’ registration process here are a few more things you need to know:

  • We want this Forum to reach out to all our fans and followers all over the world and also to appeal to those who might be missing this out. It feels good to see a huge number in the members count but it is very important for that count to be genuine. Therefore on Motoroids Forum, each person can have one account only. Creating multiple accounts is strictly forbidden. Anybody caught creating more than one account will have all his accounts blocked permanently.
  • Don’t post uncool stuff that could be racist, offensive, pornographic, violent, disturbing, or supports any kind of offensive or religious propaganda.
  • If you think you can beat the pants out of somebody then do it with valid arguments and reason. Do not abuse or threaten anyone here. It would be taken very seriously by the moderators and your account may be suspended immediately.
  • Communicate your problems to the mod/admins. If you see any member harassing you or someone else, or posting content that violates any of the rules, please report it to the staff first before engaging with him/her.

We await you in the free-revving world. Come, be a part of the free-revving species.

Rev hard, rev free!

Team Motoroids

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