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Welcome to the Motoroids forum. Our goal here is to create an informative and useful discussion platform for auto fans from India and across the world. To ensure that we use this platform efficiently and productively, we have set a few rules which need to be followed by all members. We strongly encourage all members to go through this document before they start posting.

  • The Forum has been divided into CARS and BIKES sections for your convenience, and also to keep the two categories of automobiles separate. Please ensure that you have chosen one of these two top level categories before posting anything.  Inside these categories, you will get a list of the most popular and the most recent topics, followed by various sub categories.
  • Ensure that you start a new topic only after searching the forums for keywords representing the topic you are about to post. Duplicate topics will be merged or deleted by the moderators.
  • Please read the description of a category in detail before choosing to post in it. Posts in irrelevant categories may be moved or deleted without any notice by the moderators.
  • Once you have chosen to post in a certain category, ensure that your post is written well in understandable, grammatically correct and spell-error free English.  The post should state it purpose of existence clearly. Ambiguous posts which don’t have a scope for productive discussion may be deleted or moved by the moderators.
  • Once you have posted a topic, you will see a bunch of sub-categories under your topic post accompanies by check boxes. Check the sub-categories relevant to the topic you have posted. You won’t be able to submit your post until you have checked against one of the sub-categories.
  • You post will then be lined for approval by moderators. We have a bunch of moderators, but sometimes all of them may be held up, so kindly be patient. You post will eventually be approved if it complies with the Motoroids forum rules
  • While posting new topics, you are not allowed to scrap or copy content from other websites. In case you are using a part of text, a piece of information or a multimedia object like image or video in your post for the purpose of reference, you are supposed to provide a link back to the original source.
  • Hotlinking of images from other sites is not allowed on Motoroids Forums. You will have to necessarily upload all images on Motoroids server. If you don’t have the copyright to a certain image, video, text or any other form of content, you MUST provide a link back to the original source. Failure to do so will meet with warnings at an initial stage and may ultimately lead to account suspension.
  • Do not post racist, offensive, pornographic, violent, disturbing content, or any kind of offensive or religious propaganda, either in text or images.
  • Each person can have one account only. Creating multiple accounts is strictly forbidden. Anybody caught creating more than one account will have all his accounts blocked permanently.
  • Any attempt to impersonate a moderator or admin on the forums will result in quick dismissal.
  • Do not abuse or threaten anyone here. It would be taken very seriously by the moderators and your account may be suspended immediately.
  • Communicate your problems to the mod/admins. If you see any member harassing you or someone else, or posting content that violates any of the rules, please report it to the staff first before engaging with him/her.
  • Help out in every way you can. You are what keep this forum going and growing.
  • This forum is meant for productive discussions and not for inconsequential arguments of rants. Do not indulge in useless personal arguments with any member or the mod/admin team in the open forum.
  • If the question is related to Motoroids Forums itself, please use the special Motoroids Support, Guide Announcements and Bug Reporting Forum
  • Any attempt to spam or advertise a product will be removed.
  • The minimum character limit for any post is 50, posts with any less characters will automatically be rejected by the system


Choose your username carefully, as you cannot change it once you create it.  Anything racist, obscene, sexist, abusive, or otherwise in violation of any laws will be removed by the moderators without warning.

You can change your profile image at a later stage after creating it.


  • You can upload JPEG, PNG, bitmap, and GIF images.
  • Maximum file size for images upload is 1 MB.
  • Don’t post images that contain racist, hateful, sexually suggestive material or any other form of image that may cause offence to one person or group.
  • While registering for the forums, your are required to activate your membership by either allowing Motoroids access to your Facebook or Google Plus credentials or by clicking on the activation link you receive in your email


The Member Reputation System at Motoroids is a complex algorithm which calculates a variety of factors such as the forum topics started by you, posts made as replies and the number of upvotes you received. Frequent contributors who post quality stuff and help other members will get promoted to higher membership levels. Membership levels can also be upgraded by the Forums Administrators by taking into account the offline contribution of a member. Each higher membership level will entitle the members to special privileges and exciting opportunities with Motoroids.

The membership levels for Motoroids Forums are listed below

  • Newbie Motoroid
  • Budding Motoroid
  • True Motoroid
  • Seasoned Motoroid
  • Senior Motoroid
  • Super Motoroid
  • Ultimate Motoroid

The administrative team of Motoroids reserve the final right to upgrade or degrade the forum membership level of any member based on his conduct or contributions without any notice.

In a nutshell, spreading usable knowledge, being frequent and helping the community would help members climb up the membership level ladder more quickly.


Although we do our best to regulate it, (and Motoroids Auto Infoservices Pvt. Ltd.) holds no responsibility the content uploaded by the users or the interaction between the users. Members are personally responsible for posting the content on this platform. is not responsible for any harm that anyone may incur due to such situations. By creating a profile, you accept that you have read and agree to these rules.

We welcome you wholeheartedly to the free-revving world of Motoroids.

Congratulations for being a part of the free-revving species.

Rev hard, rev free!

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