Monster Trucks Coming to Crush Cars in India


Widely popular in the United States of America, the concept of monster truck shows is about to make its way to India in 2019. American Monster Truck Association has partnered up with Starlight108 Media to bring this concept to our country. Based in Mumbai, Starlight108 Media will be responsible to set-up a complete infrastructure base in India. This infrastructure will also cater to other Asian countries as well. These 12 feet high, 20 feet long vehicles will leave people of all age groups mesmerised and offer memories of a lifetime experience to the viewers. More details on the shows, including a list of activities, would be out by next year.

Monster truck maddness comes to India Wheelie

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“India is one of the biggest markets in the world and fastest growing economy, we are very confident that our efforts are going to create fruitful results for everyone involved to develop a fun-filled experience for people from all walks of life across age groups. We have got very positive feedback and interest from various brands, companies and individuals we have spoken to so far and we look forward to a long-term and successful innings of Monster Truck shows in India. We are delighted to have AMTA on board who have done hundreds of successful shows across 17 countries with over 30 years’ experience. We have some of the best trucks and drivers who are all excited to visit India and do some crazy stunts ensuring an unforgettable experience for all” said Lalit Bhatnagar, Partner, Starlight108 Media Pvt. Ltd.

Monster truck maddness comes to India in air

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“India is a fascinating and colourful country, we are very delighted to finally come over to India. We will be creating a lot of customized content and formats keeping the Indian market in mind. We will have some of the best trucks which are over 12 feet high and weigh up to 5 tons which will be driven by the worlds wildest and most experienced drivers and I am sure people from all walks of life and all age groups will be amazed seeing these mammoth mean machines doing some crazy stunts. We have worked on every single aspect of building an India showcase tour for over a year with our Indian partners and feel we are now ready to create something which is going to be a unique, special and exciting experience for all.” said Dale Rev Prochnov, President, American Monster Truck Association.

Monster truck maddness comes to India Spiderman
Monster truck maddness comes to India Mohawk warrior
Monster truck maddness comes to India Ironman

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