Modified Toyota Fortuner is Aggressive on the Outside, Polite on the Inside

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The Toyota Fortuner has been one of the most popular off-roaders in India. This SUV is well-known for its reliability and bold character. While this SUV can easily go off-roading, here is an example of a modified Fortuner which is equipped with a sporty off-roading kit on the outside and a couple of luxury recliners inside. Executive Modcar Trendz (EMT) is the company behind this crazy-looking modification. In terms of power and performance, the customized Fortuner gets the same old 2.8-litre diesel engine which produces 177 HP at 3,400 rpm and 420 Nm of torque at 1,400 rpm and comes paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Fortuner mod top view

In terms of design, this Toyota Fortuner is probably the sportiest of them all. Even though the mechanical components of the car are not interfered with, the suspension is still tweaked to match up to the new, wider and bigger 18-inch rims which are fitted with Apollo Hawk All-terrain tyres. The bigger wheel arches are fitted with bolted fenders, to give the car a tough look. The front and rear bumpers are completely redesigned to add black accents and enhance the tough off-road look. The Fortuner also gets a fully customized look on the front grille and bumper, which makes the car look futuristic and sporty at the same time. A neat bash plate below the front bumper protects the engine from unwanted shocks and jerks and makes the car off-road ready.

Fortuner mod interior2

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The Interior Panelling, Backlit Acrylic Inserts, Laminated Accents & dual tone colour scheme increases the luxury appeal of the SUV, while the Reclining captain seats get extended calf support with motorized movements for additional comfort. The seats are made out of Italian Leather, and the LED lights in the roof lining improve the ambience of the cabin. The cabin also gets a panelled partitioned between the driver and passenger sections for complete privacy, while the two-way intercom system keeps the driver connected via audio. For entertainment, the Fortuner is equipped with a 22 inch LED TV which is connected to a 2-din DVD player that runs on a motorized rack. The cabin is also equipped with motorized foldout tables, storages spaces, a 15-litre chiller, drop down vanity mirror, reading lights, electrical controls and seat cushions. What do you think about this mod job? Let us know in the comment section of our social media pages.

Fortuner mod rear view
Fortuner mod interior
Fortuner mod front view