M&M to Launch Passenger Vehicle based on Maxximo

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 Reports suggest that Mahindra will be launching a passenger vehicle based on the Maxximo. They will be bringing this new product in the next 12 months.

There are not many players in this segment at present, but the current trend ensures that more companies will bring their products to this segment. Earlier Maruti Omni used to be the king, err, queen of the segment but it has now been replaced by the EECO. Tata also showcased something for this segment-the Ace-based Venture at the Auto Expo earlier this year. So how could a

competetive player like Mahindra remain idle. After all even Mahindra wants to have its share of the cake. They have invested Rs.300 crore in the Chakan facility of theirs. They plan to increase the production capacity from 2000 vehicles to 3000 vehicles per month. So its pretty much clear where this new vehicle will be produced. Mahindra is doing great these days. The EPA certificate, this new vehicle, plans to set up a new plant in South India. Kudos!

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