Mitsubishi introduces Outlander Chrome edition

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Cars with only a petrol variant don’t sell too well in India anymore, even if they are placed in the higher segments, all thanks to the incredible difference in the pricing of gasoline and diesel. Big SUVs such as the Honda CR-V and Mitsubishi Outlander are the hardest hit of the lot, as they don’t have a diesel engine as an option.

While Honda don’t seem to be interested in doing anything about the situation until their 2012 CR-V remerges on the Indian horizon, Mitsubishi have introduced a new variant of their Outlander to try and offer some incentive to the prospective customer. The new variant of arguably the best looking SUV in its class is offering some great accessories and value-adds without letting the sticker price swell too much. Here’ a list of features and accessories the Outlander Chrome edition has to offer

•    A high mount rear spoiler over the rear windscreen
•    Protection moldings on doors
•    Side airdam with chrome insert
•    Blue colored floor illumination
•    Chrome plated ORVMs
•    Roof mounted DVD player with screen, with Rockford sound output
Mitsubishi Outlander Chrome

The Outlander is a neat SUV. It looks great, drives well, has great interior, great features and great audio system as well. If you want a petrol SUV, this one should make a hell lot of sense to you.

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